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With the Scan2Know© APP use your smart phone to check a product´s authenticity, origin, ownership and more in just 3 seconds. Armed with little other than your phone, we aim to guarantee that the product you hold in your hand is exactly what it says it is.

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Scan2Know© by HolaTECH provides a quality information management framework, and a traceability system that enables transparency, accountability, safety, and security in the overall process to consumers and producers alike. By giving each product a unique QR ID code the consumer has the power using their mobile phone to ensure their favourite brand of pharmaceutical, cosmetic or lifestyle product is not a counterfeit. You can use your phone to simply scan the QR ID code for authentication.  Join our movement and remember the power is in the palm of your hand to Scan2Know©

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We believe that our architecture, based on Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT which blockchain is a form of is ideally suited to help address these challenges because it establishes a trusted environment for all transactions. In the case of nearly every product supply chain, all participants – producers, suppliers, processors, distributors, retailers, regulators and consumers – all can gain access swiftly to known and trusted information regarding the origin and state of the product before making a purchase or consuming a product.

This can enable providers and other members of the ecosystem to use a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) architecture network to trace contaminated or defective products to its source in a short amount of time to ensure safe removal from the point of sale and, in the case of consumable products, stem the spread of illness. In addition, DLT technology has the capability to transform the way like-minded organisations collaborate, giving them a new heightened level of trust. It can also protect digital assets.

Scan2Know© by HolaTECH© is a cost-effective DLT-based system to authenticate products at the point of sale or consumption by the end-consumer. This system comes in the form of a QR ID code employed on products using our system. While it is system developed by HolaTECH it is open to any market or manufacturer. But the HolaTECH system goes way beyond pure authentication of a product as a genuine article or counterfeit. It also provides a system that can track and trace the movements of a product (where required) along its entire value chain and with suitable inputs can also bear out the sourcing or raw materials that went in to make the final product. The HolaTECH solution is also a source of digital marketing information of importance for the consumer and producer alike. But CONFIDENCE goes even beyond this with a unique patented IP, and something which is fundamental to any purchase. This vital element ensures that QR ID codes cannot be copied and creates a new eco-system around more than just possession. When this is added to its complete source of raw material inputs and logistical journey to market it deals a major blow to counterfeiters and their criminal operations.

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Usually, it is when we want to treat ourselves and buy the high ticket item that we are the most likely to see our money wasted on counterfeited product where we unwittingly buy off the internet. The impact of this purchase often goes way beyond the financials of our hard earned cash, it can have impact on our health and our trust in what were once our favourite brands. Our Scan2Know© app allows you the consumer to purchase with 100% confidence using our unique QR ID code solution.


A simple Scan2Know© can give you the assurance that the product you are buying is, first of all, genuine, and, in the case of a comestible product, has not expired or is part of a batch which has been recalled for safety reasons or is in fact part of a consignment of stolen goods. All of these are critical pieces of information for you the consumer.

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Our digital platform enables brand owners to provide information regarding their ethical practices, sustainability, mission and provide full details from farm to table for all comestible products; from cotton bale to jeans on the rack in a retail store, all valuable pieces of information for you the consumer when investing your hard-earned cash. Team HolaTECH want you to know the origin of your purchases.





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