“The University of Nebrija is happy to collaborate with HolaTECH on the research and development of tech solutions with our student BODY given the opportunity to learn applied research for tomorrow’s world”

Prof. Dr. Jordi Vinolas – Director Escuela Politécnica Superior Nebrija

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AcademID is a system which allows participating universities to provide graduates with a unique QR code that verifies their qualification on an ultra-secure blockchain (read-only) server. Graduates can then publish the QR code on sites like LinkedIn and use it on their CV as a vital part of their career history, enabling potential employers to check rapidly and verify, without a drawn-out costly process, if someone has actually achieved the qualifications they claim to have.

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We also believe in education and the need to provide a platform for students to get into a lab and start putting their ideas, their madcap plans into action. To this end, we have partnered with a leading Spanish Engineering University to create HolaTECH Labs to develop further solutions to protect consumers worldwide. This partnership will grow to encompass other Universities across Asia, Europe, and the USA with a clear goal of creating final year projects, Master theses and Ph.D.’s in the world of research into global consumer and producer tech protection solutions.

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Our Uni Partnership

We at Team HolaTECH believe collaborations between companies and Universities are critical drivers of the innovation economy. These relationships have long been a mainstay of corporate research and development (R&D) helping create the knowledge foundations for the next generation of solutions, serving to providing a flow of young energetic talent and blue-sky thinking. We believe a University is an essential partner to ensure our growth, product development and bringing an energy to HolaTECH that only a classroom of believers can create.

Our Madrid based University partner has the goal of education and research and we as a start-up fit with their charter to support and drive the innovation platform for the future. Our alliance will focus on specific R&D identified by our company with the University and a group of 15 students led by the leader of their Computer Engineering Degree & Master Program will guide and mentor them. HolaTECH’s Head of Technology will liaise and drive the project to its final destination: applied research in industry. A clear synergy of education and application.

Moving from ad-hoc to strategic ecosystem partnerships places ever more demands on University-corporate interactions. On the corporate side, business units, global R&D, and venturing units all want seats at the table, with each party bringing its respective needs and values. On the university side, individual labs, centres and initiatives, and entrepreneurship programs all have an interest in the engagement

Our research is based on our interest in both understanding and learning how to optimise these naturally complex relationships. As part of that research, we have found that companies that work through six important questions are better positioned to develop an effective approach to interaction with a range of universities across different innovation ecosystems.

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